Louis’ voice appreciation post


    Have a taste of Louis Tomlinson’s fabulous, unique voice.

    Carrying the chorus in WMYB

    Carrying the chorus in Moments

    Carrying the chorus in Over Again (go to 0m31s)

    Speaking of Over Again, listen (go to 1m8s)

    This is Little Black Dress without and then with Louis. It sounds horrible without him

    Hitting difficult notes effortlessly (go to 1m50s)

    The way he uses melisma in Summer Love (go to 1m10s)

    Nothing weak about his Rock Me solo

    (go to 2m35s)

    (go to 3m9s)

    Listen to Liam singing Louis’ part and then Louis taking over. Louis is actually way stronger than Liam vocally here, they just have different strengths (go to 0m35s)

    The bridge in I Would. Oh yes, very weak indeed (NOT!) (go to 3m)

    Listen to that last note and weep

    (go to 1m50s)

    (go to 3m50s)

    Him being granted so few solos in the beginning is a crime (go to 2m6s)

    His Use Somebody solo shows he’s got great range (go to 0m48s)

    Look at him hitting a perfect G#4 note (go to 2m22s)

    His voice sticks out like crazy from the other boys (go to 1m17s)

    His Better Than Words solo is an orgasm in audio form. The way he slightly cracks his voice during “yoOoUUuu” is a difficult technique to master but he does it impeccably

    (go to 1m15s)

    (go to 1m15s)

    (go to 1m25s)

    His soft, silvery voice compliments Harry’s perfectly

    (go to 0m9s)

    (go to 2m17s)

    The contrast is the most beautiful thing in the world

    Fucking listen (go to 2m44s)

    These videos and links were gathered by haveyouquitefinishedlouis to respond to an anonymous ask, and we thank them for their great work.

    “It doesn’t sound right, it’s not working at all without Louis” – Harry Styles

    Again: Reblogged from an ask anonymously sent to haveyouquitefinishedlouis

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