Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki Interview with Laura Marano | Radio Disney


Interesting bits from Louis and Steve’s uploaded Radio Disney interview video. Particularly Steve’s statement.

From 00:45 seconds in:
Laura: “I’m sure you were hoping for the reaction you got, but were you still a little bit surprised how everyone loved it.”
Louis: “We’ve been SO overwhelmed, haven’t we Steve? It’s been incredible – the support.”
Steve; “Yeah, WE DIDN’T EXPECT IT TO BE A SINGLE. We were just like, oh this is a great song for us, a great song for our fans.”
Louis: (On Performing at The XFactor) “It was the perfect, most amazing platform, and we were lucky to get that performance. It felt magic in the room – it was a moment, it was nerve-wracking, it was really terrifying especially for me, it was the first thing I’ve done kinda in my own space, being at The XFactor performance – it was a big deal. We’re really grateful it went good.”

Louis also said that recording the song in Vegas was quite an experience (Steve gives a big smile when he says this!)

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